Thursday, June 17, 2010


Almost three years ago, when my inner guidance, framed in the fragrant silk of one of my Spiritual Teacher's asked, "When are you writing the book?" I had no clue that my world would expand in the way it has. Since then, I have been taken down roads I would never have dared imagine and I am grateful beyond words.

Writing on this blog is a way of expressing gratitude for the way grace has entered and filled my life, like a vast, limitless ocean.

I bow to That and in my bowing, I bow to you for visiting these words which arise and subside from the Pure Self.

I would love to hear your voice too.

I would love to hear how one of these postings has touched your heart or how aspects of your own world have opened to reveal the unifying nature of all things.

How would you describe the formless nature of the I AM?

Please don't be shy.

The world is waiting to hear from the magnificence of your own great heart.

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