Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You once asked,
"Are you strong enough to contain the suffering of the world?"
Back then, what did I know of suffering?
And what did I know of love?

I see now,
That both intertwine,
Like a thick length of rope,
You have thrown to me,
And I have clung to,
As you pulled me so close,
I became lost in you.

Now I see,
In your radiant and compassionate heart,
How you take on the suffering of others,
And burn it away,
In the Fire of Your Love.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


You entered my dreaming world,
Humming and mixing herbs with fragrant oil.

Then, your lovely hands,
Took my feet,
And on the upturned soles,
You placed the scented paste....

I trust you so,
Giving everything so freely.
Knowing, in my heart,
That even as you lit the fire,
And brought it close, until feet were aflame,

I would not resist,
I would simply watch,
Little desires burn away,

Leaving the taste of ash,
And You,
Only You.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


There is thunder in the air.
Moving in across this wide, clear day, it calls from afar,
Signaling change.

I hear the rumbling,
Outside, above the trees,
And inside my heart,
Banging against each hollow rib,

Reminding me,
The outer reflects the inner.
What do I need to let go of,
In this world of mine?

And what do I need to enfold,
In limitless sky-arms?

Any minute, the rains will fall,
Blessing what I most need to love.

When You Pour Your Tea

When you pour your tea,     There are a thousand eyes, Watching the moon, Praying for answers. Invite those eyes, To sit awhile...