Sunday, April 17, 2011


I Am the fire,
of the seven suns.

Burning and destroying,
all that is not of service,
to the Light.

I Am fearless,
the shadowless One,
Reflecting the luminosity,
Of who you are,
And who you are not.

Be warned,
Do not gaze into my face,
Unless you are willing,
To lose yourself.

If you have not taken a step,
On the path of Love,
Be afraid for your life.

You see,
I will burn,
What you believe is yours,
and transform it,
Into a thousand, blazing suns.

Friday, April 8, 2011


When I came to know myself,
I realized,
I know you.

I know,
The thousand things,
You believe,
Keep you small,
And apart,
From merging,
With the Light,
That you already are.

When You Pour Your Tea

When you pour your tea,     There are a thousand eyes, Watching the moon, Praying for answers. Invite those eyes, To sit awhile...