Sunday, June 6, 2010


Early one morning, I dream I am in India. The fragrance of pungent incense is suspended in the heavy, moist air, mixed with the unforgettable smell of rich earth. I am walking through a small village, between simple dwellings, held together with clay baked walls and dry grass roofs. Heat presses in, holding me still, centered in every movement.

Looking down, I see bare, brown feet, stepping out from under my long, orange robe. Villagers passing by, bring their hands together in silent greeting and bow. I greet them with the same pranam, bowing to the light.

It used to be, in these dreams of mine, I would be looking for one of my Teachers. Now, there's no need. We are looking through the same eyes.

Early one morning, in my dream in India, I am Father Bede Griffiths. I make a promise to read a little about his life and discover what He wants to tell me.

He who is dreaming new insights into my world and I into His.

The same One.

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