Sunday, December 4, 2011


There was once a powerful Guru who was visiting her ashram in India. This particular Guru loved to take a stroll in the beautifully scented gardens and woods around the complex. Every morning, she would walk the paths through the trees, observe the birds that were nesting there and make sure the grounds were being tended and cared for in the most tender and sensitive way possible.

One soft, pre-dawn morning, the Guru was silently moving through the gardens and giving the chief gardener instructions for the care and maintenance of the trees. After thirty minutes or so of walking and giving directives, the Guru and the gardener turned to head back to the office. Once inside, the Guru asked,

“What is being done about the mother bird in the mango tree, by the far wall to the east of the garden entrance, whose nest has been disturbed?

The gardener was astonished at the question. He was aware of the tree, but was not aware of the mother bird and more amazingly, neither he nor the Guru had ventured close enough to that particular tree to be able to observe a disturbed nest.

Fumbling that he would go and take a look later and see what could be done, the Guru nodded and silently walked away.

The Guru was able to perceive that the mother bird was unhappy because she was able to feel a state of discomfort within herself as she walked by, even though she was not close enough to physically see.

As amazing as this story may be on first hearing, we all have the capacity to perceive in the same way and we often do, though in many instances these subtle impressions are ignored, discounted or allowed to fall to the wayside...


Excerpt from: BE YOUR OWN GURU a transformational online course in conjunction with DAILY OM. For information go to:

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