Thursday, May 20, 2010


This morning, pedaling toward the cycle path as the sun was pushing through heavy, lilac clouds, my heart opened at the sight of pink and white poi trees. Planted and grassed in concrete dividers cutting through the middle of the road, I was touched by their gentle, oriental-looking beauty and their soft fragrance, filling my senses as I rode by.

The elegant trees were heavily laden and the same number of blossoms had fallen, skirting the roots, like wide, arcing petticoats. Lying in the short grass, the petals reminded me of mirrors reflecting back to the trees, the radiance of their own beauty.

Writing An Awakened Life, has been just like that. I was told to write about my spiritual awakening in order that I could understand my own journey and then reflect it back to others. Our paths and descriptions of our experiences may differ, however at heart, we are the same.

If like me you are a little shy, have the courage to share something of your unfolding consciousness through the light and beauty of your magnificent heart. If you do, I promise, it will be reflected back to you, more radiant than you could ever dare imagine.

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